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Net Skype: Online Skype Without Installing

January 6th, 2010 Posted in Communication, Online Services

net skype Net Skype: Online Skype Without InstallingHave you ever wanted to get access skype online, a net skype version without any need to install skype to your computer? As you know many messenger services started to use their web based application for ease of use but skype hasn’t started any service yet. Popular web services for online access to different messenger services do not offer skype interface like ebuddy, meebo, messengerfx. They provide access to your yahoo, msn, aol, google talk, myspace or facebook account through their interface but not skype yet…

Anyway. I started to search for net skype version to get skype online, chat with my contacts without ever need to install skype and then I found a website for net skype: IMO.

IMO provides a very simple interface to contact your skype buddies. As other popular all in one online instant messenger services they provides access to your msn, yahoo, AIM, ICQ, google talk, myspace and facebook accounts within a single interface and to interact them again from the same simple interface. IMO net skype version is very simple to use. All you need to do is, go to imo.im. Select the IM protocol you want to use (skype and/or other instant messaging clients). Enter the corresponding user-name and password. Start Chatting!

IMO, besides providing net skype access and access to other popular instant messaging protocols, has very unique features like “Whiteboard” feature and photo sharing… So you can create drawings, diagrams and text documents in real-time with your friends online using its whiteboard feature or you can upload and share your photos with your skype buddies or other buddies online on your list at photos@imo.im. IMO photos provides about 2GB of free web space to share your photos with your contacts. For my opinion imo is one of the best (with least advertising on site) all in one instant messaging service providers around. So give them imo a test drive and see the result. I hope net skype without installing skype would be popular in other all in one messaging platforms soon.

pixel Net Skype: Online Skype Without Installing

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